Chairside Conversions

YG Dental Lab’s exclusive chairside conversion services

Introducing YG Dental Lab’s exclusive chairside conversion services, now led by the esteemed Jerry West. With over 5000 successful conversions and extensive experience in CDT/CDA, Jerry brings unmatched expertise to every case.

Count on YG Dental Lab to supply all the necessary components, equipment, and prosthetics for even the most challenging conversions. We are fully equipped to handle any complexity.

Partnering with Jerry, you can expect exceptional support during the chairside evaluation. He will provide pragmatic solutions that not only meet your expectations but exceed those of your patients.

Full treatment planning & coordination with you or your surgeon will ensure that correct parts are ordered and establish the most suitable final restoration based on patient needs.


benefits of chairside services:

  • Ensure the success of challenging cases
  • Avoid wasting valuable chairtime by achieving immediate successful results
  • Meet your patients’ high expectations with matching shades
  • Save your patients the hassle of additional appointments
  • Reduce time and costs associated with returning cases to the lab
  • Improve patient treatment planning
  • Build patient confidence with personalized attention
  • Minimize frustration and stress in your office
  • Preop CT scans will be used to fabricate a surgical guide
  • Preliminary wax set up to establish ideal VDO