Crown & Bridge

​YG Is Dedicated to Precision & Quality

When your patients need crowns or bridges, they want a replacement that looks natural. Here at YG Dental Technique, our skilled technicians in Denver have the ability to produce crowns and bridges to fit perfectly in your patients’ mouths. We offer custom ceramic crowns from our lab like E.max, zirconia solid, PFZ, and IPS e.max options for your dental restorations. Our lab dental crown and bridge lab combines technology with artistry to create replacements for missing teeth that you will be proud to showcase in your gallery. To match your patients’ smiles, we take the time to painstakingly paint on custom shades to the ceramic crowns and bridges we make to match their enamel. With the variety of options of crowns and bridges we offer out of Denver, such as e.max for aesthetics and zirconia for strength, you can feel confident that our dental crown and bridge lab’s prosthetics will meet or exceed your expectations. Not only do we produce high-quality restorations, but our lab also works hard to provide you with excellent customer service. Call our dental crowns and bridges lab to custom make your prosthetics in the timely manner you need.

Other Services


We produce long-lasting dentures and partial dentures from materials that work with your patients’ oral health goals and budgets. Also, we can create custom soft, hard, or hard-soft night guards as well as sports guards and splints.

Dental Implants

Restore your patients’ smiles with dental implants that fit perfectly with their arches. Our implants can be made from materials such as zirconia, ASC, or custom titanium.

Custom Shading

Our dental lab technicians take the time to paint crowns and bridges to match the natural look of your patients’ teeth. With our attention to detail, you can feel confident our restorations will blend in perfectly with their smiles.