Custom Abutments

High-Quality Abutments made in Denver – Custom teeth materials like: Zircona, ASC, and Titanium

Here at YG Dental Technique of Denver, we offer abutments for your custom teeth l implants that are located in the aesthetic area of the mouth. Our custom abutments are milled to the precise position you need to perfectly place crowns and bridges. Choose from custom teeth materials like titanium, zirconia, or ASC at our Denver lab for your final abutment type. Also, our other abutment options include screw-retained, gold hue, OEM parts, and cement-retained. Submit your digital impressions or impressions and we will produce abutments that you need to successfully place your implants. The technicians at our lab in Denver are experienced abutment designers who can create a crown over an abutment, one-piece abutments, and more to suit your patients’ specific cases. With our experience and skills, we will produce a design that will create an emergence profile that is ideal. Our custom teeth and abutments out of Denver will also allow you to easily align implants that have had to be placed at an angle or shifted during the healing process. At YG Dental Technique, our goal is to partner with our clients to produce the restorations they need on a consistent basis. When you put your trust into our lab, you can feel confident knowing you’ll receive abutments that help you achieve better patient outcomes. Contact our Denver lab for custom teeth and abutments today.

Other Dental Lab Services

Milling Services

Submit your digital impressions and we will mill your crowns, bridges, veneers, and more in our milling machine. Receive precise restorations that perfectly blend in your patients’ mouths.

Crown & Bridge

Whether you need a single crown, multiple crowns, or a bridge, our certified dental technicians can produce high-quality restorations. Also, take advantage of our custom shading options to match your patients’ existing teeth.

Dental Implants

Our dental implants are made from high-quality materials that are long-lasting and provide you with the fixed replacements you need.