Custom Shading

YG provides high-quality Denver-Based Custom Tooth Shading

YG Dental Technique’s certified dental technicians in Denver are highly experienced in custom tooth shading. Shading a crown or bridge to match a patient’s tooth is an art and takes years to master. Our Denver dental technicians are capable of layering ceramic and hand-painting the tooth to create a crown or bridge that looks natural in the mouth. As artists, we take the time needed to map out the shade request and pay attention to every detail needed to perfectly match the custom tooth shading. Our Denver dental technician’s work is so perfect, that you can confidently restore your patients’ most prominent teeth knowing it will blend in. Crafting a custom shade requires us to identify the texture of a tooth, notice how the colors change in different lighting, and understand how the tooth will look next to the adjacent teeth. With our decades of experience and training from Europe, our work is unmatched. We are committed to providing your office with the level of detail needed for you to fully restore your patients’ smiles. Contact our dental technicians in Denver today for custom tooth shading services.

Denver Custom Tooth Shading , Dental Technician

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Dental Implants

Our dental implants are expertly crafted from high-quality materials with state-of-the-art equipment. Our Denver dental technicians combine technology with artistry to produce implants that are long-lasting and look natural.


CAD/CAM technology allows us to quickly and accurately send files to our milling machine to mill crowns, bridges, full-contour restorations, and more.

Custom Abutments

To match your patients’ natural teeth, we offer custom abutments that hold a crown or bridge. Choose from screw-retained, gold hue, OEM parts, or cement-retained.