Dental Implants

​YG Offers High-Quality Dental Implants

We are a ceramic dental implant manufacturer crafting implants to add functionality and aesthetics for your patients, delivered when you need them. We offer multiple brands and materials from vendors such as Nobel, Dentsply, BioHorizon, and more. Our goal is to work with leading vendors that have invested heavy research into their products, so you can restore your patients’ smiles in a way that works best for their oral health and perfectly blend in with their smiles. As a leading dental implant manufacturer with the state-of-the-art equipment at our dental lab in Denver, we can create sturdy abutments and quality full mouth dental and denture implants that are long-lasting. Special requests are welcome, and we’ll do everything we can to produce the dental implants you need for your treatment plans in a timely manner. Our custom restorations are made with absolute precision, and our customer service is sure to exceed your expectations.

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Other Services We Offer

Crown & Bridge

We can craft crowns and bridges to your specifications in our milling machine to provide you with a durable prosthetic. Choose from zirconia solid, multi-layered, PFZ, and more.

Custom Shading

Our artistry shines through with our custom shading options for crowns, bridges, and removables. We’ll work hard to match your patients’ teeth and create prosthetics that look natural in their mouths.

Custom Abutments

Our custom abutments offer you the variety you need to customize your treatment plans to meet your patients’ needs. Choose from custom zirconia, custom titanium, or ASC for your abutment type created by our skilled dental implant manufacturers.