Milling Services


YG Dental Technique provides an unparalleled extension of your dental lab with our premier design and milling center. Expertly certified, we offer reliable services at competitive prices to hundreds of labs every year.

From an individual restoration to hundreds a day, our milling center is dedicated to crafting top-notch products with the utmost attention and care. Every lab we partner with benefits from unparalleled service that allows us both to grow together for lifelong success.

Are you ready to upgrade your lab or dental clinic with the best technological solutions available? Our milling department is here for you, fully loaded with top-notch wet and dry mills like the Roland DWX-52DCi, DWX 42W and VHF CAM 4 K4. We provide same day production of bridges, crowns, inlays/onlays abutments -all delivered quickly and accurately! Plus you won’t be tethered to a single software – get creative using all kinds of CAD/CAM programs, scanners & materials according to your preferences.


a milling partner you can trust

Crown & Bridge

Offer your patients high-quality crowns and bridges that are customized to fit in their arches and match the shade of their natural teeth. Choose from materials such as zirconia, gold, or ceramic that are made by top manufacturers.

Dental Implants

You can feel confident that you will place dental implants that are strong and long-lasting when you use our lab. Our years of experience and skills allow us to produce consistently high-quality restorations and implant repairs out of Denver.


Send us your digital scans so we can mill the crowns, bridges, dentures, and abutments your patients need. CAD/CAM allows us to accurately produce custom dental prosthetics for your patients.

Expect excellence

Custom Abutment Milling

Looking for a custom abutment? We’ve got you covered! Our top-notch milling services can quickly and precisely create the perfect solution using preforms from Mist, Medentika, or Dess. In most cases we are able to utilize your existing scanflags; however our comprehensive scanning capabilities make it easy to acquire new platforms with just a minor upcharge. Not only that but no matter what type of technical specifications you need – 3Shape or Exocad–we have talented designers ready to turn them into tangible results in record time!

Implant Bars

YG Dental Tech provides the utmost level of care in milling implant bars from both customized design plans and our own. Not to mention, we offer full arch services and even your first bar is absolutely free! Time sensitive projects won’t be a problem for us with multiple dedicated high-precision machines that can get you what you need quickly – no matter how complex it may be.