Milling Services


Here at YG Dental Technique, we are a dental milling center based out of Denver that creates and repair implants, partials, dentures, crowns, and bridges from your digital scans. All you have to do is send us the scans you take in your office, and we will use that information to fabricate restorations that will look natural in your patients’ mouths. This technology cuts down on production time while improving the accuracy of the final product. Once we get your digital impressions and prescription, we’ll choose the block needed to create the aesthetic look you are going for. We use only the highest quality blocks from trusted vendors. Our milling services also allow you to easily reorder crowns, bridges, veneers, and more for your patients in the event, they break their dental restoration. Our Denver dental milling center can use the original scans to produce replacements quickly, so you can get your patients back in to fix their broken restorations in a single visit. To get started, simply send us your digital impressions and our certified dental technicians will get to work.

Contact our dental milling center out of Denver for dental restoration and implant repair.

More Services

Crown & Bridge

Offer your patients high-quality crowns and bridges that are customized to fit in their arches and match the shade of their natural teeth. Choose from materials such as zirconia, gold, or ceramic that are made by top manufacturers.

Dental Implants

You can feel confident that you will place dental implants that are strong and long-lasting when you use our lab. Our years of experience and skills allow us to produce consistently high-quality restorations and implant repairs out of Denver.


Send us your digital scans so we can mill the crowns, bridges, dentures, and abutments your patients need. CAD/CAM allows us to accurately produce custom dental prosthetics for your patients.