​We Craft the Highest Quality Removables out of denver

When your patient has lost all of their teeth and needs dentures, partials, removable teeth, or implants our Denver lab can craft quality prosthetics to replace their missing teeth and restore their self-confidence. Whether they want all-on-4 dentures, implant dentures, or traditional dentures, we are equipped to craft these prosthetics with precision. We offer dentists in Denver removable teeth, implants, and dentures that give your patients the confidence they need to chew, talk, and smile. You can choose from materials such as CustomFlex™, Valplast®, acrylic, chrome cobalt, Vitallium, and Premier™. In addition to producing new dentures or partials, we also offer denture relines and repairs. Also, we offer set-up and try-in dentures and partials for your patients to try before their final denture or partial is made. If you need night guards or splints, we offer those types of removable appliances as well. With our lab technicians’ level of experience and skills, you can provide your patients with high-quality prosthetics that will improve their lives.

For high-quality materials like Vitallium and Valplast in Denver, contact us for removable teeth, implants, and dentures.

Denver Removable Teeth, Implants, & Dentures: Vitallium & Valplast



If you have a CAD/CAM machine that allows you to digitally scan your patients’ mouths for the restorations you need, you can send us the files to mill the prosthetics to replace their missing teeth. CAD/CAM allows you to perform complex cases in less time and with greater efficiency.

Dental Implants

Our Denver dental implants are produced with state-of-the-art technologies and materials produced by leading manufacturers in the industry.

Milling Services

Send us your digital files and we can mill any crown, bridge, or denture you need with our Denver milling services. Our milling machine produces functional, precise, and beautiful prosthetics for your patients.